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tess and client doing a heart opener thai massage posture
tess an client doing cobra a thai massage upper, lower back and shoulder opener
tess an client doing angel a thai massage posture to open shoulder and spine
tess an client doing row boat an shoulder and spine opener

Thai Massage


Therapist apply pressure along Zen lines using their hands, knees, feet and body weight to stimulate energy in the body, in addition move and stretch the client in and out of yoga postures with a Thai chi like flow. The Client is encouraged to not assist or resist, therfore receiveing many of the benefits of yoga effortlessly. 



 This ancient form of Indian Ayruvedic massage was fathered by a Physician named Javaki, to the Buddha of 6th century and handed down to buddhist monks who later moved into Asia and was named Thai massage. Once you have received Thai Massage you won't go back western massage.


Wear something loose and comfortable you can move in. No zippers or snapes and not too slippery a fabric. Something you might wear to do yoga or work out in. karate ghees in many sizes are availble if you are not prepared so dont worry!
What to Wear for Thai Massage & Partner Yoga


       Why Thai?

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