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Massage Services

 Thai Massage Prices 

  60 minutes 

  75 minutes 
  90 minutes  120 minutes





Packages of Four

  4/90 minutes 

4/120 minutes



* Packages of 4 must be used in a 4 month period and are non refundable or transferable.

Partner Yoga


90  minutes



Spa Services

Hydro ~Therapy outdoor Patio ~ Rent the whole paito for yourself or a small group; Sauna, Hot tub, cold shower and gazebo. First time clients must be established to just rent hydro patio. ~  $35 an hour per person

Hot Tub ~ Can be added onto a Thai massage or Partner yoga sesseion - 30 Minutes, ~ $15.00 / 1 Hour ~ $35 


Ukranian Sauna ~  Can be added onto a Thai Massage or Partner Yoga session: traditional russian hydrotherapy 25 minutes of sauna with essential oils, oak branch leave stroking brushing an tapping, honey rub and cold flush  ~$40.00 

Ionic foot cleanse each ~ $35.00

Add on with massage ~ $25.00 

Package of Four ~ $100.00


Herbal foot soak ~ 30 minute. ~ $20.00

Massage & Spa Combonations

Yin & Yang ~ 1 hour  Thai Massage for each Person, 1 hour Partner Yoga session together, 1 hour hydrotherapy patio for each.person.   ~ $285.00   


2 Gether ~ 30 min Hot tub, 30min. Ukranian Sauna treatment, 90 min. Partner Yoga session all 2gether~

for just  $220.00

OM ~ 30 min. hot tub, 30 min. Ukranian sauna, 90 min. Thai or Ashiatsu massage .~ $175.00 

Hydrotherapy Patio
Ukranian Banja
Ukranian Banja (Sauna) treatments are an excellent way to remove toxins stored in fat in the body, increase circulation, clear lungs therefore helping with allergies and other related alignments. Banja is and great treatment to do when the season is changing. Essential oils are placed on the rocks and along with honey on the body to aid immune functions and flush out toxins. Eucalyptus leave paddles are used to invigorate and clean the skin by tapping brushing and stroking the body.
Hot Tub
The Hydrotherapy Patio is open year round!! The hot tub is open for therapeutic treatments, only hydrogen peroxide and salt products along with ultra violet light are used to keep the water clean no treatments. Thai massage, is also available on the patio under gazebo next to the bamboo waterfall. weather permitting. Become an established client and the entire Hydrotherapy Patio can be all yours by the hour! See more photos of the patio in the photo gallery.

 photo gallery

Herbal / Ionic Foot Cleanse
picture of herbal foot soak information on ionic foot cleanse detox, removes heavy metals,yeast, cellular debrie, tobacco and other toxins, help dextox the bodys internal organs including inflamation
Ionic Foot Cleanse begins with a relaxing warm water foot bath, an array is placed into the water with the feet while a low level direct current is delivered allowing the metals, in combination with the water and sea salt to generate (+) and (-) charged ions by separating oxygen and hydrogen. This reaction detoxifies the body without stress. It removes heavy metals, yeast, sugar, cellular debris, tobacco and other toxins you are exposed to on a daily basis, all of which you will see in the water!  Helping the body detox  the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, bladder and blood, therefore reducing the toxic load on the body and the chance of illness, as well as reducing pain due to inflamation. A treatment will increase energy and create better sleep patterns.
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